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Move all your historical customer interactions data to the cloud with adepsi

How it works

Meet adepsi's legacy data solution

Securely move all your on-premise legacy data to the cloud

Adepsi takes all of your legacy call recording data and securely transfers it into the cloud. Once there, your legacy call recordings are available through a single, secure, user friendly interface.

Designed and built for cloud, Adepsi future proofs your valuable data and takes the risk, cost and hassle out of meeting long retention requirements.

Why adepsi?

Put the cloud to work to solve your legacy data issues

Designed and built for cloud

Take full advantage with adepsi

Reliable – As a native cloud platform taking full advantage of advanced AWS infrastructure, Adepsi can deliver levels of reliability that would be very difficult (and prohibitively expensive) to deliver in an on-premise model.

Flexible – Adepsi can scale up or down as required and backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, has access to compute and storage resources when needed

Secure – Built with end-to-end security and utilising AWS advanced security features, your data is protected and secure.

Easy setup

Let adepsi simplify your transition to cloud

Adepsi are experts in securely moving interactions data to cloud. We can support data transfer by secure internet connection or a PCI compliant AWS snow device for bulk transfers.

We transfer your data to dedicated S3 storage that will only ever hold your data.

We take a copy of the meta-data (call records) associated with the recorded audio and make this searchable data available through our secure, user friendly interface.

Following testing and sign-off, you can go live with adepsi and decommission legacy infrastructure with no break in service to your users.

Backed by Service

Service focus from adepsi

Adepsi’s blend of product and service focus delivers great product and  exceptional service.

Experts in dealing with legacy interactions data, we take the pain away from planning how a secure transition to cloud.

Smooth implementation is followed by expert support from a passionate team who actually care.

Organisations that keep their data for a long time generally have a very good reason for doing so. 

Problem solving

Resolve interactions data issues with adepsi


Replay platforms: the problem with long retention in on-premise voice recording

Organisations with long data retention requirements often end up with one or more “replay platforms”. These come about when upgrades to on-premise recorders are too risky or complex, a new vendor is chosen or when an organisation is acquired. Historically, the answer to the question of “what to do with the old recorder?” was often to convert the platform to a “replay platform”.

The problem with this is that organisations may end up with several “replay platforms” and over time, the hardware and software supporting the replay platforms goes out of support, becomes difficult and costly to maintain and raises operational and compliance risks in meeting retention requirements.

Address all of these issues and future proof your data by moving all of your customer interactions data to the cloud with adepsi


The cloud blocker

At some point in the process of planning the transition to cloud, every organisation will have to decide how to deal with historical data. For general files this is straightforward but customer interaction data presents challenges. In most cases, this data is only accessible through an on-premise voice recording or WFO application.

The problem with this is that most CCaaS and UCaaS platforms really aren’t interested in customer’s historical data, especially customer interactions data. Organisations historical customer interactions data becomes a blocker in the transition to cloud.

The solution to this problem is adepsi.  Securely move all historical customer interactions data to the cloud and make it available through a single, secure, user friendly interface.

Feature rich

Do more with adepsi


Store call data and audio securely at rest and in transit, protected by TLS & 256-bit AES encryption


Combine live and legacy data from multiple sources into a single, dedicated, cloud environment


Connect your existing telephony platform to enable real-time and near-time replay of interactions


Access full audit history for call access, tagging and administration tasks at a per user level

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